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Green Island is located 1.45hours East of Phuket by traditional Longtail boat, halfway to Phi Phi Islands. This small island offers shallow coral reefs on one side, and a deeper dropoff area on the other side to about 20metres.

On Green Island, visibility range from 5 – 20 metres, and is weather dependent due to big waves. Trips can be diverted to a closer island if needed. This area offers mostly reef diving where we can find fishes like: (Snapper, Grouper, Grey Sweetlips, Cobia, Barracuda and Trevally) Beginners and Intermediate divers will enjoy Green Island most which offers easier diving.

Longtail boat trips start in the mornings 10am from Rawai beach, and return around sunset. The longtail boat is fitted out with iceboxes and umbrella’s, and also a ladder for those that need a hand to get out.

Prices for Green Island

  • Boat: 3,000 THB per person
  • Gear Rental: 1,000 THB per person

Prices Includes

  • Gear Rental (Rob Allen 1200 Railguns or 900 Scorpia Guns, Lines, Floats, Weights/Belt and Knife)
  • Any other gear can be arranged on request, but if you own proper freediving gear its always best to bring your own.

We provide an experienced spearfisherman to accompany you to suggest best diving spots, techniques and safety.

How Improve your skills ? 

Why not stay longer underwater ? Why not have more chance to meet THE fish ?

Why not try freediving ?

Apnea gives you the opportunity to stay longer underwater, you’ll improve your abilities and you will feel more free.

For this session on Green Island, we recommend you the level AIDA 1 and AIDA 2.

Find more informations here: Freediving AIDA