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Thailand and Spearfishing

Spearfishing is one of the most sustainable means of fishing out there currently as you can choose what you shoot. There is no by catch and we do not trash the bottom of the ocean as trawlers do. It is one of the most natural ways of choosing your prey and hunting it, where the fish live a healthy life and it has a fair chance for escape.

Spearfishing in Thailand is legal only while freediving (NO SCUBA) and national parks would be off limits.

Spearfishing in Phuket would be best done on a boat daytrip away to one of the surrounding islands as shore diving on Phuket itself do not offer anything worth the while. We arrange any trips you require to suit all diving needs.

In Phuket we have a ‘high season’ and a ‘low season’ where the monsoon winds change direction. During the high season (November – April) the winds would mostly come from the East where the mainland offers shelter to our Phuket area, and its also not carrying many rain clouds. This meaning the best diving conditions would generally be during these months. During the low season (May – October) winds would mostly come from the West coming in from the open ocean, this means bigger waves and more rain. Although we still can find good weather periods during this time.

Phuket Island’s west coast is the most popular area to stay in with beaches like Patong, Karon and Kata. These offer a wide selection of hotels and accommodation. If you are looking for something more local then the Rawai and Chalong area offers some really beautiful resorts well hidden away from the crowds.

Bringing your own spearfishing gear through customs at the airport would be no problem at all, as long as its packaged correctly and checked into main luggage. We do offer good spearguns for rent along with anything else you might need on your trip to make things a bit easier especially if you coming over with your family!

Code of Conduct

All our trips are freediving trips only for spearfishing, we do not arrange SCUBA while spearfishing.

You only spear what you will eat, with focus mostly on games fish being aware that resident reef fish lives in one area only. If locals do it doesn’t mean we do it!


All trips are supervised by one of our staff, which will be an experienced spear fisherman in this area, with beginners offered basic training by an instructor. This ensures you that the best location will be chosen in regards with weather, currents and waves.

The buddy system should always be used and followed.

We always use a line and float attached to spearguns, this marks your position for our boat and other boats, and also ensures you don’t loose your gun.

Stay within your limits and experience, shallow water blackouts are real and a concern to anyone pushing their depth range or time.